Billing Information

Here you may check your billing information.

Address: To check your billing address:


To update your billing address:



    "firstName": "{firstName}",
    "lastName": "{lastName}",
    "email": "{email}",
    "address1": "{address1}",
    "address2": null,
    "country": {
        "id": "{country}",
        "name": "{countryName}"
    "state": {
        "id": "{stateId}",
        "name": "{stateName}"
    "city": "{city}",
    "zip": "{zip}"

Payment information: To check your credit card: GET

To update your credit card information or to add different credit cards for integration from your customers, BrainTree API/SDK’s must be used to securely collect payment information. Please review the documentation here.

Using the BrainTree setup above, use the following to get a client token: GET

To send the payment method nonce to your server: POST


  "token": "{gatewayToken}"