Once you request an API key, you will receive your own, unique API key and client secret. The key:

  1. Uniquely identifies you.
  2. Allows you to generate a token that will give you access to upload recordings, create transcription orders and retrieve output.
  3. Should be kept private and should not be shared.
  4. The API key should be passed in the API calls as a custom header called “X-Api-Key”.


The API key along with the client secret will be used to generate an initial token. API authentication is achieved via a bearer token which identifies a single user. Click Authentication to learn more about generating a token for authentication.


Click on our Workflow Sample for instructions on how to upload recordings, create orders, retrieve output and update settings. This will give a basic overview of how to use our API.

Billing Information

Click Billing Information to view past orders and update your billing information.

TranscribeMe REST API